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          "To overcome the Cultural Barriers of Divided Nations, a Declaration of Principles within Yourself, The Youth, and All Races of Mankind is to keep the Sacred Fires of our Ancestors burning for Future Generations to learn the Wisdom Knowledge of the Elders.  Bless your Sacred Fires to Gather in Unity for Inspiration, Harmony, Cultural Exchange, Identity and Respect for One’s Heritage.  Spread Your Wings in Balance like the Butterfly, the Bird, the Hawk, and the Eagle to scale the Heights of Your Creative, Potential Self to Light the Spiritual Fires Within.  There are some things in Life that you cannot Change, the Eternal Things. "

--- Edna (Grandma) Gordon, Seneca Hawk Elder.   


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Posted on :  Thursday August 25th 2011 1:56:04pm by Fish
Subject :  Web Site
  OneNationVision website is going dynamic
Recently the one nation website has been becoming more and more robust, featuring many more options and services for our guests and members to use. We hope these efforts will provide a more useful sit......(Read more)

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Posted on :  Tuesday August 16th 2011 1:33:42pm by Tina
Subject :  Nigoskidadowin Summer Games
  Gathering of Family and Friends
Every year the Algonquin Anicinabe have a weekend with fun and games for everyone to enjoy. No Alcohol and drugs tolerated.

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Posted on :  Friday August 12th 2011 5:37:09pm by Fish
Subject :  Blueberries
  August's Wild Treasures
This month when you look out of the car while driving through the park, you may be suprised to see more blue on the ground than in the sky. Lots of summer sunshine and plenty of rain fall has offered......(Read more)

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